Panasonic Lumix f3 Review

LUMIX G Micro System interchangeable lens, Touch Screen Free-angle LCD display with contrast AF system, Dual Full-time Live View for LCD and LVF, 12.1-megapixel Live MOS sensor with Intelligent Resolution Technology, My Color Mode, Peripheral Defocus Mode, Motion Picture P Mode, HD Movie AVCHD Lite and HDMI compatibility

Panasonic Lumix f3 Review is equipped with a 12.1MP sensor with a variety of settings of operation. Despite the large number of innovative features, the touch screen and revolutionary Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens technology, this camera stands out from the competition. The Micro Four Thirds lens size is a function that is produced in a collaboration between Olympus and Panasonic, which effectively reduces the amount of moving parts that are part of the camera thus reducing the overall size. The touchscreen interface is definitely an exclusive and accessible through a separate 3-angle 3-inch touch screen LCD display which is large, easy to read and can be set to a number of positions.With a little practice, the touchscreen is very intuitive to use the opportunity to offer the features and settings on your Lumix G2 changed with a simple tap on the screen.

There is much more to the touch-screen interface than meets the eye, such as a new focus aimed at a moving object by touching the display. Only to catch the moving object in the frame, tap the object on the screen and like magic it keeps in focus, where it moves within the shot. You can also take a picture while using touchscreen and you never touch the shutter button, just tap the screen and the camera can focus and direct the picture. In the recordings of good quality high-definition movie, tap the screen into two areas to focus smoothly and directly move from one location to another.

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